Fine contemporary and heirloom jewelry

Laughing Buddha

I have often wondered after looking at a very old Hotei Buddha why I felt a sudden deep spiritual feeling, being drawn to it like a magnet. This is not so with the newer ones. The older Buddha were amulets given to people for a reason.

The Hotei Buddha also known as the “Laughing Buddha” represents the loving friendly one. This was based on an eclectic Chinese Monk who lived over a thousand years ago and has become a significant part of the Buddhist and Shinto culture.

According to legend, the “Laughing Buddha” is known as a wondering monk who goes around and takes the sadness away from people and replaces it with laughter, wisdom and abundance.

So when I took my trip to the orient 25 years ago, I went there with a specific goal to buy a piece of jewelry with a Buhhda’s face. I was lucky enough to find a few, each very different, but all very special. These special faces are very difficult to find since the Chinese cherish them and keep them for their families, very few ever reach the market for sale.