Fine contemporary and heirloom jewelry
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The Stories Behind the Designs

Bonnie Radow Design’s ‘heirloom’ collection is inspired by the compelling stories behind the one-of-a-kind artifacts and objets d’art in each piece. Lines include:

Laughing Buddha— known as a wondering monk who goes around and takes the sadness away from people and replaces it with laughter, wisdom and abundance
Treasures —  based on the tragic 1850’s-era story of young Charlotte, for whom “Frozen Charlotte” dolls were named, and her broken-hearted beau, Charlie
A Journey —  the story behind a tiny compass found enclosed in a group of 19th century love letters in France
A Little Gem — a reawakening of the Civil-War era practice of sending tintype photographs to loved ones to comfort them
Guilloché — features a guilloché-pattern charm with applied enamel, inspired by a post card found in Provence and its moving message of love

Upon request, Bonnie Radow Designs will create a personalized piece based on these designs or inspired by your own treasure, journey or story… to keep for generations or to give away. Contact us to learn more.