Fine contemporary and heirloom jewelry
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Bonnie Radow — interior designer, sculptor, creator of fine jewelry

Bonnie Radow DesignsSix years ago, Scottsdale sculptor Bonnie Radow shifted her focus to jewelry design to enthusiastic acclaim. Her heirloom quality creations in silver, gold and precious gems are distinguished by Victorian and antique Asian artifacts from around the world and the compelling stories behind them. Her collection includes charm-laden storybook necklaces; big silver cuffs with embedded Buddhas; delicate ruby bracelets; and a contemporary twist on a traditional charm bracelet. Radow’s pieces subtly complement each other and are intended to be worn together.

“I have had the good fortune to travel the world for business and pleasure. Through my travels, I have been drawn to the lives of people of the Victorian era. I have collected love letters, pictures and personal items and transformed this collection into jewelry reflecting the lives of the people connected to these artifacts. During my years as an interior designer, many of my clients shared their treasures and stories with me. The collection spans more than 35 years of my life’s journey and reflects many of the experiences I have had along the way. I have made the jewelry into storybooks about the memories and lives of the people I encountered through my collecting. It is fascinating to look at the faces, read the exchanges in the letters and look at some of their favorite possessions. Through my jewelry, it’s as if you know the people. Their souls and energy become so real. This was such a magical period of time and it is so inspiring to bring their feelings back and be part of their stories.”

Bonnie Radow Designs